What Kristina Hamill Did This Summer (DM 60)


Some of the highlights this summer had to do with spending time in nature. The first adventure we had as a family was to go to Hawaii. Hawaii is made up of islands. The first island we went to was Maui. On Maui we snorkled with turtles and saw a lot of tropical fish. We would wake up in the morning and walk to the water with our gear and jump in. The water was very warm and luckily in the morning, there weren't a lot of tourists in the water.


The island of Hawaii was incredible. We went to Kona. It was crowded with tourists, and there wasn't as much snorkling. We had to do some research to find the beaches that had coral. These are places where a lot of tropical fish like to swim. Once we got there we found a lot of tourists and some locals. The locals did not seem super happy to see us, but we tried to be friendly and buy their merchandise and not crowd them on land or in the water. There were to highlights that I want to tell you about visiting Hawaii. The first is swimming with Manta Rays. This was incredible. They are very large gentil beasts. We went with a group. We took a small boat out to the end of where airplanes take off in the open sea. Apparently manta rays were seen there because of their attraction to the lights of the planes. They think it is plankton so they swim around looking for food. When we arrived to the spot right above were airplanes take off from the land and are rising above the water the manta rays can be seen at night. Because Manta Rays needed some help to show up all at once for the tourists, scuba divers would put blue lights at the bottom of the water about 30 feet down, and our small raft that floated on the top of the water had white lights shining outwards and down into the water. The huge manta rays would swim up towards us. We were floating our bodies on the water,, lying flat so as not to touch the manta rays. The manta rays would go in circular swimming patterns, up and around, like doing summersaults over and over again opening their huge mouths right in front of our faces. There were always gentle and magnificant in their largeness and gracefulness.

Another highlight of Hawaii was walking on lava. We rode bikes out to the edge of the sea where there was live lava spurting out from the ground. We did this buy renting bikes, parking them, getting off and walking down towards the water. In the distance, we could see big billows of steam coming out from the water as lava pored slowely into the water. This was an enjoyable site. You could see little boats that looked like they were getting too close. After watching for some time by sitting on dried formations of lava, we carefully walked toward the mountains. Right before getting to the mountains, about an hour walk on hardened lava that cooled and froze in spiraling criss crossing shapes, we saw orange, yellow, and red lava flowing like honey, slowly, inch by inch like a snail, moving ever so slowly out of the ground and making new land. This was unforgettable.


My eighteen year old daughter went off to college. We drove her to Arcata. She is now a music major at Humboldt State. While in Arcata, where the college is located, we visiting estuaries, the ocean, and took walks around the little town. On a recent trip, we scouted out some future fishing expeditions

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Many years back, I won't say, I took a class in Dreamweaver. I learned a little HTML code and to organize folders with content and images. I do not think I was taught by someone else, but by a teacher who was learning too. I also learned a bit about Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark.

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