Jody Holt's DM60 Home Page


My Web Design Experience

I have absolutely no experience in web design, but have been reading about it for some time. This is actually my very first coding experience! So far so good. I feel like I have a good understanding of the theory of coding, but am starting to apply it in the real world. If you can call the internet the real world. I like learning the language of HTML and am looking forward to learning CSS. I realized that if I am to have and hold such strong opinions of web design, I should learn how to design for the web. So I am learning.

My Personal Goals for this Course

My personal goals for this course are to get a good foundation to continue to learn to code. Eventually I want to learn how to improve and design user interface for people. I am always talking about how I would like things to work, but now I am trying to learn to make them work! Many people are not technically inclined and I want to make things as easy for people as possible.

My Text Editor

The text editor I used to create this page is TextWrangler.

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