Jeremy Stotter's DM60 Home Page


My Web Design Experience

Besides messing around with web building services like WIX (which I never got very far on), my web design experience is practically none. I have always been interested in it though and have friends who work as web designers and IOS developers who tell me about their jobs. but besides that, I had no idea what "html" even really meant until today

My Personal Goals for This Course

My personal goals for this class are mostly to just develop a basic understanding for html and css code, while also being able to design a basic webpage. I do not intend (at the moment at least) to pursue a life long career in web design but as a video/photographer, musician, and media producer- it is very important I have professional and functioning websites, which is why I would like to understand that basis of web design so I can publish my own or be able to have a more creative input to the creation and maintenance of the sites.

My Text Editor

The name of the text editor I used to create this page is TextWrangler.


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