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My Web Design Experience

I have actually had quite a bit of web design experience through the years and am currently working part time as a multimedia and website manager. Although I am working as a website manager, which also requires me to do some designing, I often find that I use templates rather than putting in the leg work. That leg work is the missing piece that I need for my degree. Taking DM 70 (last semester) before DM 60 I always felt like there was a piece missing for me, but as we used dreamweaver for most of our projects I was able to work around it. I love doing the actual designing part of web design as in color schemes and layouts as well as graphics.

My Personal Goals for This Course

My personal goals for this course are to fill in those missing pieces, to not only hone my skills in website creation and design but to push myself to excel. I am so close to getting my BA in web design that I can “almost taste it,” as they say. So I want to do well to maintain my 4.0 for a third straight year and collect the tools I’ll need to succeed not just in this class but beyond it in the workforce.

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The text editor I am using to create this page is Notepad++.

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