Buff's DM60 Home Page(though my official name is Beth)

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Here are the Exercises
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  4. Exercise 6
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  6. Exercise 8
  7. Exercise 9
  8. Exercise 10

My Web Design Experience

I'm completely selftaught - but I have been at this for a while.

I have created sites from scratch using very simple drag-and-drop tools like Weebly or Wix, but I don't generally start from a blank page on complicated sites. In those cases, I'm editing existing work - often by trial and error.

My Personal Goals for this Course

As part of my 'day job', I'm responsible for the maintenance of the PRO and Grants Office websites. So, you might imagine that I'm delighted to start at the beginning with HTML theory.

I hope by the end of this class, I'll be much more efficient. Beyond that, since it has been quite a while since I was an official student, I'm looking at success in this course as a challenge to get back into the realm of completing assignments on time, taking tests, collaborating with other students from varying backgrounds, etc..

My Text Editor

I used Notepad++ as the text editor to create this page

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