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My Web Design Experience

I am an artist and graphic design student exploring web design and development as an outlet to create something both functional and artistic and because I hear it is "a very useful skill to have"! I enrolled last semseter in DM70 where this course was listed as only a recommended preparation, and while I was able to follow the work, I did not feel comfortable building websites (we were using Dreamweaver) without knowing what the code was saying and I quickly dropped the course. I have a small knowledge of HTML since I have been trying to research independently (in those rare moments when summer vacation had not gotten the best of me) but I know that I have barely scratched the surface of understanding.

My Goals For This Course

I would like to be able to competently write web pages and also have an understanding of why I see web pages put together in the ways that I see them. I am also interested in the direction web design will go now that more and more people are accesing the web through mobiles rather than traditional computers.

My Text Editor

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