Shakira's Exercise 5!

My Two Favorite Pokemon



When I was a kid I used to get so excited for every new Pokemon movie that came out. It was in the movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, that I first got to see this pokemon. I don't remember the plot too well, only that I remember liking the character a lot when he came on screen. I thought that his moves shown in the movie were really cool, especially the ones he could use with aura. The Lucario in the movie had believed that its old master betrayed it, however, it was *spoiler* revealed that his master didn't betray him at all and in fact sacrificed his own life to save him. If you're wondering, yes, I did cry during the movie. After this movie, any new Pokemon game that I got I would try to see if Lucario was in it and where I could get one.



Lilligant is a grass type Pokemon so naturally it's very plant like compared to Lucario. My favorite thing about Lilligant is that it looks like a girl wearing a big poofy dress and large hat while also having the leaves on its head look like long flowing hair. I got my first Lilligant in my copy of Pokemon Black. A random NPC had asked to trade for a certain pokemon and gave me Petilil, Lilligant's pre-evolutionary stage, in exchange. Throughout the game I grew attached to and was so happy when it finally evolved. I relied way too much on it's ability to put other pokemon to sleep along with it's self healing moves. In fact, I'm pretty sure I relied upon it for most of all the really hard battles. That is until any fire type pokemon were involved... Being a plant means that it could burn up easily!

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