David's DM60 Home Page

My Design Experience

My experience in web design is limited to creating a Wordpress blog or a pop up app on JavaFX, but nothing made from scratch. I'm excited to learn more in the field of coding for the web. I am an aspiring software programmer, and hope to contribute something great to the world one day. This is where the future is at and I'm blessed to have been given a liking towards such an interesting science.

My Personal Goals for the Course

My Goals for the course are to come out of this semester with enough knowledge to push my self into the field of web design, and be able to create a website for my girlfriend's photography business. As well I want to get a good grade in the class as a symbol of the knowledge i gain from completing these exercises, and the help I seek out.

My Text Editor

The text editor i used to create this page is Notepad++


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