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Trista's DM60 Home Page

My Web Design Experience

My Web Design experience consists of creating (and only just) a multitude of personal websites about, you guessed it, myself, and my artwork at the time. This was during the late 90s/early 2000s, when personal sites were all the rage, and showcasing yourself, or a band you really liked, was the thing to do. I did some fan-made sites for Duran Duran, Garbage, Orgy, and Tori Amos. Ah, the 90s.

What I knew was all self-taught, by seeing sites I liked and viewing the coding to see how they were written. Popular elements with these designs were frames, splash pages, and popup windows, among many other atrocities. I used what was then called Macromedia Dreamweaver, and CuteFTP, and I thought I was pretty cool. At some point I owned "", because you had to be distressed back then. Going to that site now, it leads you to a text-based online RPG website.

Among the many site designs I made for myself (15+) I think only one of them was ever completed and uploaded. I have most of them saved still, because it's always fun to laugh at one's self.

Currently I own It leads you to my profile provided via my Adobe CC account. I also owned because I couldn't decide between the two. was an extra $28 a year on top of the usual $12 through Google domains. I thought the ".design" was more interesting compared to a ".com" but it had some issues, it would only work half the time, and overall not worth the $40 a year if that was a frequent issue. At some point I would like to move away from the portfolio, as it is all pre-designed pretty much, and into my own hosting and designing, but that's a long way down the road. I've yet to have enough to offer to even showcase a portfolio. One day!

My Personal Goals for This Course

My goals for this course is just to re-learn the basics of html and web design. Having this knowledge can definitely help any sort of Graphic Designer.

My Text Editor

The text editor I used to create this page is BBEdit.